Wardrobe Refresh

That safari suit from 1986 is taking up precious space, yet hasn’t been out of your closet in decades!  Perhaps you are THAT guy who has loads of clothes but continues to reach for the same safe “go-to outfit”.  Whatever your weakness, you keep buying the same garment over and over, but forget about creating…


Shop Your Style

Wish you were the kind of gent who could look dapper every day?  Perhaps you love to look stylish but cringe at the thought of a shopping mall.  Whether you are time poor or simply require some direction in styling, this package will cut out the unnecessary legwork of shopping and empower you to reveal…


Personal Re-Style

Trends come and go as fast as the seasons, but style is something of a timeless representation one possesses for a lifetime.  Whether you are starting a new job and want to put your best foot forward, or need to get some good style advice along with purchases, I can have you looking appropriately dapper…


Special Event Styling

The crucial style mistake that ruins your look from the get-go is ill-fitting clothes, especially shirts and suits!  Investing in a tailored shirt and suit will transform your style and set you apart from the rest.  This package will take the hassle and guess work out of styling and assist you in finding the perfect…